Working Papers

The Effects of Body-worn Cameras on Policing and Court Outcomes: Evidence from the Court System in Virginia (Job market paper, draft)

Presented: WEAI 2021, MEA 2021, APPAM Student Seminar Series 2021, MVEA 2021, SURGE Seminar, Michigan State University, University of Wisconsin-La Crosse, Truman State University, Instituto Tecnológico Autónomo de México, Ohio University

Pro-social Motivations and Indigent Defense: How do attorney labor markets respond to changes in police technology?

Presented: MVEA 2021

Venezuelan Migration in Ecuador

Presented: Red Cedar Conference 2019, PNWLD 2022

Data Consultant

Office of Financial Equity, City of Lansing

Cities Addressing Fines and Fees Equitably

Featured on WKAR/Michigan Public Radio

Research Assistant

Education Policy Innovation Collaborative (EPIC), 2020-2021

Thomas D. Jeitschko, 2018

Survey of Graduate Program Directors in Economics